10 Best Tips To Decorate Your Living Room in 2019

If the kitchen is the 'stomach' of the house, then the living room is definitely the heart of the house.


If the kitchen is the ‘stomach’ of the house, then the living room is definitely the heart of the house. We do everything in it- welcome visitors with a bottle of wine, pull out a book on a lazy Sunday, take a nap on cool Saturday and a host of other activities are carried out here. So, we wouldn’t want it to look deserted and unattended to. That’s why we decorate it; to give it a little a spark that could light up the whole house.

Here, we have brought together tips you should look out for when decorating your living room:

Dangle Modern Artwork

Artwork has a way of bringing this ‘spark’ into your living room. Something peculiar about artwork is it’s durability. If you are looking for a timeless decoration that you can perhaps pass to your children: try artwork.

Remember to buy throw pillows with perhaps, the same colors as the artwork- just for cohesion sake. This has a way of improving the general appeal of the room.

Fireplace Decorations

Though this is an ancient decoration, it is timeless. Fireplaces do not only serve as sources of warmth, especially for people living in the cold regions of the world but as a means of improving the style of your living room. Not to say that if you are in places close to deserts- which are known for being too hot, you cannot use a fireplace. Your fireplace doesn’t have to be a raging fire; it could be an electric fireplace.

Bring On Marbles

Marbles, although, a little expensive have a way of arousing visual interest where they are attached to. Imagine having them on your floor, tiles, walls and a host of other places in your living room.

Light It Up

In this regard, most living rooms are just as well-decorated as they ought to be. But, how can you bring out the glam in these decorations when you have poor lighting? Take time to choose proper lighting material; especially a conspicuous metal one- if you want to decorate your living room

Living Room Mattress

Calm down. I don’t mean you should turn your living room into a bedroom for the sake of decoration. But, going out of the box would do no harm right? You know all those magazines and old books that seem to just be all over the house, you can store them under your mattress. Your mattress doesn’t have to look like one- camouflage them using toppers.

Good Spacing

Tell me: Of what use would it be if your living room is claustrophobic and choked up? This cannot be understated –  before you even start any decoration, take time to properly arrange the furniture in such a way that allows for adequate spacing.

Stylish Flooring

Decide whether you want rugs or carpets. Choose any of them, but just make sure your flooring makes a bold design statement. Your flooring should also be also one which gives comfort underfoot.

Design The Media Center

How you do this should match your tastes. If you are a person who loves reading, incorporating a built-in bookshelf could give you thumbs up. Also, if your living room serves the purpose of a family room, watching television might as well be the purpose of the room. Make the television design a feature but not too dominant

Walls and Ceiling Color

Your walls have a way of shouting out to visitors your fashion sense; so choose to go with paints or wall coverings that reflect your style. Also, make sure the color of the paints at least close to if not the same color as the throw pillows- to improve the overall appeal.

Set The Mood

The overall ambiance you want to give off as soon as anyone enters into your house would determine how you set the mood in your living room. Candles, scents, or even a simple rearrangement of furniture will do the trick!

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