Garage Renos: How to Finish A Garage Interior With No Regrets


Chances are, your garage is a cold, dingy, and most likely cluttered, cave that gets used solely to keep your vehicles out of the rain and snow – or even worse, as an unintentional storage space that doesn’t even have enough room left in it to protect your ride.

This, my friends, is a waste.

Your garage is 600(ish) square feet (or more!) of space just begging to be put to good use!

Of course, many realize this, and many attempt to turn their garages into something more functional – only to end up with regrets (and quite possibly a lot of debt). But don’t let that scare you! Garage renos really can add value and functionality to your home – if you do them right!

We are here to help you get the most out of your garage – you just need to follow our tips for how to finish a garage interior with no regrets, and you’ll be enjoying your new space in no time!

Why Remodel Your Garage?

Whether you are simply wanting some new shelving or you are thinking your garage would be better used as a home theater, there are a number of reasons why renovating your garage is a great idea.

Creating a More Usable Space

This is particularly desirable for those of you with smaller homes and/or growing needs – especially in areas where additional space tends to come with a hefty price tag.

A garage remodel is a great way to take a wasted or underutilized space and transform it into a space that will not only get more use but that will benefit you and your family.

Perhaps you work from home and could really use your own secluded, ~quiet~ work space; maybe your family is growing and an extra family room sounds like a nice idea; or maybe you simply need a better storage solution for the infinite amount of things collecting throughout your home.

A (successful) garage reno can do any of those for you.

Adding Value to Your Home

Not only does remodeling your garage give you an additional usable space, but this additional functionality also increases the value of your home.

If you are currently planning on selling, or think you may sell in the future, a garage reno can be a great way to help your home stand out amongst the others in addition to enabling you to list for a higher price.

Sure, most houses have a garage – but do all houses have a home theater, games room, home office, or complete second living space? Didn’t think so.

Give the buyer’s what they want – and what they want is usable space!

How To Have A Happy Reno

Of course many of you would probably rather settle for a mediocre and underutilized garage than deal with a full-scale remodel – and we don’t blame you.

Remodels can go downhill – and fast – so we have outlined are top 3 tips to keep in mind to ensure that your upcoming reno goes off without a hitch – and leaves you with zero regrets. All it takes is a little planning, practicality, and passion.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Probably the first thing to go wrong with 99% of remodel jobs that end badly is the budget – but is that really a surprise?

Renovations, no matter where they are in your house or for what purpose they serve, are not cheap. Materials cost money; labour costs money; heck even your time costs money!

If you don’t create a budget for your upcoming renovation that outlines how much you are willing and able to spend as well as where and on what you will be spending it, you will go over budget – simple as that.

Safety Is Key

The second thing that any homeowner with ambitious remodeling plans must remember is that there are still a number of requirements that must be met both for safety and legal reasons.

Considerations must be made for issues such as zoning requirements and building codes, as well as safety concerns such as proper firewall installation.

Before taking on any remodel, ensure that you are legally able to convert the garage how you would like to and that you are capable of meeting the various building codes that may be brought on by a change in the main purpose of the space.

Transform It Into Something You Need

Lastly – don’t do a remodel just for the sake of doing a remodel. Turn your garage into the dream space you’ve been waiting for!

No matter how stressful, messy, off schedule, and expensive the renovations were, if you are in love with the final product you are sure not to regret it!

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time to say good-bye to that grey box you are calling your garage and hello to a brand new livable and usable space that you can incorporate to your home and your day-to-day lives.

Sure, remodels of any kind are intimidating, we know that – but just follow our three simple rules on how to have a happy reno and you will be enjoying your newly remodeled garage in no time, and with no regrets!

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