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    • Hi Rhonda,
      Some jurisdictions allow soffit installations (might have a 4’ clearance from the window restriction), some don’t (even if they do I wouldn’t install your bathroom exhaust discharge port in the soffit / moist, warm air could travel back into the attic). Roof termination is commonly used but the vent might get covered with snow (if you get significant amounts of snow during the cold season). Other restrictions that may or may not apply in your location; house side wall installation at a minimum 3’ distance from the soffit and at least 4’ horizontally from any operable wall openings – windows, doors. 3’ distance (I’m not sure about that 3′) from wall and roof passive vents (attic, soffit, crawlspace, and basement) to prevent moisture penetration. In some cases it might be simply impossible to choose a bathroom exhaust vent termination point installation that complies with those requirements so explaining it to your local building inspector would be the best solution.

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