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  1. I installed a Desert Spring humidifier on my gas furnace a few years ago. I had the same results–it ran 100% of the time, trying to reach the setpoint of 50%. This meant that my furnace blower ran 100% of the time. I even tried adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the water reservior to decrease surface tension of the water and try to get more water onto the spinning disks. This “humidifier” was never able to get my house to even 40% relative humidity. I have sealed/weatherized my house extensively which should have given this humidifier a fighting chance (according to my gas company’s online bill comparison to nearby houses of similar size my house has “very low” energy use). After the first winter I noticed that the case of the little 24 VAC motor that is used to turn the disks was severely corroded/rusted. When I tried to use it the next winter, the motor didn’t work. It was still within the 1 year warranty, and I called Desert Spring twice for a replacement motor and they never sent it.

    I removed the flawed humidifier and installed a Honeywell Tru Steam humidifier on the duct exiting my furnace. I also installed the Honeywell digital humidistat in the first floor of my house, near the thermostat, and I bought the external temp/humidity sensor, which is wired to the humidistat and the humidistat automatically reduces the humidity setpoint when the outside temperature is very cold to eliminate condensation in the walls. I LOVE MY HONEYWELL TRUESTEAM HUMIDIFIER!!! It actually humidifies the house. Minimal maintenance required: I change the water line scale filter and clean the water tank every year.

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