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  1. Hey, why would I remove something that provides good information, and we all need to advertise to educate, otherwise nobody will hear us speaking 🙂 … Crawlspace inspection posts are for those home owners who decide to evaluate those areas themselves. I’m trying to give them just some basic information about the problems they might encounter, and deeper “how to” and “what to do” will be covered in different category (soon). But thank you for pointing out some things (I might need to re-wright a sentence or two to make it more specific), and for those positive comments about my website.

  2. My post was in response to this specific statement:
    “Your other option is to dig on the exterior (or have somebody do it for you), all the way to the base of foundation, clean the surface and seal it.”
    It seems to me that relieving the hydrostatic pressure that might be causing or worsening wall cracks and seepage is a always a good idea and if it can be done without digging out foundation walls, even better. Anyway, I might have misunderstood that statement.
    My job is to educate, not to advertise. Feel free to eliminate that post if you feel it is going to confuse your readers.
    As for the Bright Wall Panel I will wait for the post to address your concerns, so that I don’t make the same mistake of going off topic twice. But I am really interested in what you have to say and on your observations. We are consistently upgrading and working to develop the best products and we value the feedback from home inspectors, who are in the field just as much as we are.
    Compliments on the blog and the site. You’ve got some great information compiled here.

  3. Hi Cynthia, this post wasn’t exactly about what you’re advertising here … it is about leaking cracks and not about waterproofing of the entire foundation. Anyway, another post about what your company is doing is coming soon and one of the systems you’re promoting is not actually something that I would recommend. I’m talking about the Bright Wall paneling – I’ve seen what is happening behind that sheet of plastic, and it is BAD. What it doe’s, besides diverting water into the sump pump, it traps all the moisture penetrating foundation and creates perfect environment for a mold growth, lots of it!. Just my two cents …




  4. There in another option to fix leaky basements that will not involve digging out the foundations. It consists in installing an interior perimeter drainage system along the foundation walls.
    This system will intercept any water and moisture seeping through the walls and the joint between walls and slab and divert it to a sump pump systems.
    This can be installed without disruptive excavations, in only a few days, and has the advantage of relieving hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls.
    This website discuss and compares the different approaches used in dealing with leaky foundations

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