3 Ways to Modernize the Look of Your Home in 2022


Home décor is one of those things that can look fabulous when you first pick it up but over time it starts to lose its appeal and luster.

It’s only normal as styles and trends come and go, and your preferences and needs also change.

If you want to inject some stylish modern touches into your home – both inside and outside – but don’t know where to start, then these tips will act as inspiration.

Let’s take a closer look:

Is It Time for New Furniture?

While your first response may be to change the wall color, rip up the flooring, and change cabinetry, often your furniture is a big part of making the space feel dated.

You can go about a total makeover project in a room but if you don’t update the furniture, you won’t get the desired look.

Ask yourself if the time has come for new, modern, and stylish pieces of furniture. It’s amazing what new armchairs, recliners, a sofa, coffee table, or dining table can do for a room.

Replacing the furniture may be all that’s needed, which means you can skip all the other expensive and time-consuming projects in the space.

This is also a great opportunity to change the layout of a room, which again will help to modernize it.

Choose a Trendy Color Palette

If you’ve decided the color palette is what dates your home and bothers you the most, then it’s probably worth painting the interior.

You can start with the common spaces and then work your way to the bathrooms and bedrooms as your time and budget allow.

There are many great colors to choose from, and those trending this year include bright sunny yellow, sky blue, warm red, gray, and pale green.

Whichever color you pick it should be carried throughout the entire house if you want to create a sense of flow.

If that sounds too boring, simply play around with the depth/shade of color while staying in that same color family. You can go one shade darker or lighter and it will still flow.

Give the Outdoors a Fresh New Vibe

If you have a backyard that you enjoy using for entertaining, then a new outdoor furniture set is a great way to add style.

Picking up a new table and chairs will change the entire vibe in the yard, and you can then play off that furniture when choosing décor.

To create a sense of cohesion in the backyard design you can choose a theme, a color palette, or a concept, and then all items you shop for must work within that theme. This will ensure things look put together, as though you had a professional designer style your yard.

You can then carry those colors into your planters, choosing annuals that have coordinating or complementary colors.

Each of these updates is relatively small on its own but, when combined, you’ll find you achieve a very noticeable impact.

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