7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Custom-Made Bed


The bed is an essential piece of furniture in every home. It’s where you relax and sleep after a long day of hustle. Choosing a custom-made bed provides countless options for creating the best one that suits your needs.

You have the freedom to be creative in adding all the features you’re dreaming of. It also enables tweaking the tiniest details to fit your lifestyle.

However, flexible options can make the design and planning process tricky.

Here are seven things to consider when choosing a custom-made bed to make things simple:

1. Comfort

Comfort should be your top priority. Everyone desires uninterrupted sleep every night to ensure you’re well-rested and prepared for the day.

Some of the details affecting comfort are the mattress and the fabric for upholstery. You can go all out and choose a premium-quality foam. For fabric, choose one that’s durable, breathable, and easy to clean.

There are many ways to create the comfiest bed ever. You may check out several furniture shops in your area selling customizable beds. Explore their range to find out how many details you can customize.

2. Size 

Another factor to consider is the size of the bed. You need one that perfectly fits the space in your bedroom—not too small and not too bulky.

The standard mattress sizes are single, twin, full, queen, and king. For a couple, the comfiest is a queen-sized bed. However, you can go a little extra depending on your preferences and bedroom size.

Moreover, you also need to note the thickness of the headboard, sideboards, and footboard to ensure it suits the allotted space.

3. Bed Type

There are different bed types based on design and materials. Determining which style fits the theme of your bedroom helps maintain the harmony and balance of your home.

One of the top choices is an upholstered bed. It includes a cushioned headboard, perfect for watching TV in bed.

Polyester, leather, rayon, olefin, cotton, and linen are commonly used fabrics. These fabrics come in different colors to fit a variety of interior design themes.

If you’re looking for an excellent space-saver, you may consider a loft bed. It provides a perfect bedroom setup for those with high ceilings.

Lifting the bed gives you an additional floor space you can use as a home office, closet, or a small game room.

4. Headboard Design

One good advantage of having a custom-made bed is the wide range of choices for headboard designs. You can choose from luxurious upholstered headboards to simple wooden ones.

Consider your bedroom’s theme when determining the perfect headboard design and height. For a minimalist bedroom, you may choose a sleek and slim design with a neutral color. Some even choose no headboard at all for a clean look.

Other classic choices are headboards made with palette wood, hardwood, and rattan. Typical custom bed frames include headboards you can tweak to fit your style.

5. Overall Design

Bed customization allows you to turn your vision into reality. You can customize all the essential features and even the most intricate details according to your taste.

Some common bed designs depend on interior design themes like modern, contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, rustic, and art deco. They vary in style, materials, and color choices.

For example, a round-shaped bed is a perfect centerpiece for contemporary bedrooms.

To make the options even more flexible, you may combine two designs to develop a unique bed design. One example is a rustic industrial bed, combining raw wood and black metal.

6. Bed Frame Materials

The materials used for building a custom bed determine its durability and style. Customizing lets you choose high-quality materials to ensure your bed lasts long.

The most commonly available and durable material is hardwood. Most hardwoods are naturally termite-resistant, making them suitable for any home furniture.

You may also use treated softwood like pine for an affordable option.

In addition, metal is a sturdy bed frame material. It’s perfect for every modern industrial bedroom. Metal is also a typical material for modular beds that you can assemble yourself.

7. Storage Options

The area under the bed is often ignored when buying ready-made. As a solution, custom-made beds open up possibilities for creating more storage in your bedroom to minimize the clutter and maximize every corner of your bedroom.

For large bedrooms, you may include built-in drawers under the bed, opening on both sides. This option provides easy access to things you want to hide away. These drawers are also perfect storage areas for extra pillows, towels, bedding, and linen.

Another excellent option is building a platform bed with roll-out storage. Raising the bed a little bit higher provides more space to utilize.

However, you may need a mini staircase with drawers or a ladder for safe access. This option is perfect for small bedrooms and studio apartments.


Customizing your bed helps you create a relaxing space to suit your needs. No matter how simple or luxurious your bedroom is, you can always find a bed that perfectly matches your style.

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