What Can A Locksmith Do For You?


Security is often right at the front of any homeowner or tenant’s mind. Burglary is a common crime, and the aftermath of arriving home to find your property broken into can linger for some time after.

In the US, burglary is the third most common crime. In some areas of the UK though, there has been somewhat of a decline in the last twenty years.

Back in 2002, there were nearly 900,000 burglaries in England and Wales. According to Statista though, this number dropped to 268,000 for 2020/2021.

The reason for this may well be to do with modern smart security measures, better locks, and more CCTV cameras being fitted. Nevertheless, this crime still exists, and locksmiths can help protect your property.

There is a lot more a locksmith can do though, and here is why you may need to call one, and when. 

Why Do You Need a Locksmith?

The drop in burglary rates is heartening for sure, however, the big drop that occurred between 2019 and 2020, was likely to do with the pandemic.

With more people staying at home, houses proved less welcoming targets. Travel restrictions and lockdowns meant that burglars weren’t as free to move as usual.

Still, though, there has been a trend for some time now with burglary rates dropping.

This may be because locksmiths now have access to the most secure locks that homeowners have ever been able to get hold of.

A locksmith can fit locks, change old ones over for new ones, and repair old ones. So basically, you may need a locksmith anytime that you want your locks changed or repaired.

There are, however, many more services that they can provide as you will see below. 

How Do You Find a Locksmith?

A while back, you would have grabbed the Yellow Pages and picked the first locksmith you saw. Everything back then was so much guesswork unless you had a recommendation. These days, of course, everything is on the net.

Locksmiths are odd in the sense that most people won’t have a phone number for one to hand. It isn’t unusual for someone to have an electrician’s number, or a plumber’s.

Yet, if you need a local locksmith in an emergency, you would probably have to look online.

Fortunately, most people have smartphones these days, so if you found yourself locked out you could search for one. Use Google, or a tradesman website to find a locksmith near you. 

When Do You Need to Call a Locksmith?

Typically you should get hold of a locksmith in the unfortunate event of a burglary. There is the likelihood that one of your locks will be damaged, but there is also the possibility that the burglar took a spare key while they were on the property.

A forced lock will need to be replaced, and you will feel safer if you get this done quickly. Other reasons for calling a locksmith are when you lock yourself out.

This is a familiar reason for getting a locksmith to attend to your property. The benefit of using a locksmith to get you into your home is that they can open locks without causing any damage.

If you were performing a home maintenance safety checklist then you may want to call a locksmith in.

Locksmiths can advise on the current security setup you have. And upgrading locks is a major reason to get a locksmith in.

You could fit some locks yourself of course, but these days there are some very high-tech locks on the market. These should be installed by a trained locksmith ideally. 

What Can Locksmiths Do?

It is typical to assume that a locksmith is just there to replace locks and install new ones. This isn’t the case though. A good locksmith will be able to help with a number of issues.

While they do indeed install locks, they deal with a great number of types of locks for all areas of the home. They also need to make sure what they are installing complies with the BS3621 standard.

Locksmiths can cut new keys for a variety of different locks for your doors, windows, and garage. If a key is stuck in a lock, or even snapped off, they can remove it.

They can provide a non-destructive entry for anyone who has lost their keys.

They also assist with CCTV installations and other areas of home security such as entry systems. 

How Can a Locksmith Help with Home Security?

If you are worried about your home security it could be worth asking the advice of a locksmith.

Requesting a home visit doesn’t mean that you are under any obligations, but you may get some good advice on where to invest your money.

Locksmiths now deal with advanced security technology and are not restricted to locks and keys. If you were setting up a home smart security system for instance, then a locksmith could help with CCTV cameras.

Locksmiths are able to install CCTV systems and advise on the ideal place to position them.

They can also repair CCTV cameras should they go wrong, so having a phone number for a locksmith can help to keep your overall security systems working.

They can also fit keypad entry systems for doors. Fit window locks to make sure there are no vulnerable points of entry, and advise on safes. 

You Should Use a Locksmith When You Move Home

This is the one time that every person should call a locksmith, and yet the majority of people don’t.

It is the big day and you’ve just received the keys to your new home. In all the excitement of moving in, you never once considered who else might have a copy of those keys.

For peace of mind and security, it could be worth changing all the locks on any new home. If you are a tenant then you may not be able to do so, but homeowners certainly can, and should. 

Is It Important to Clean Your Locks?

Another function of locksmiths, and one that is overlooked, is that they clean locks.

Much like new homeowners don’t consider the importance of changing the locks, most people don’t think about getting theirs cleaned.

Locks have moving parts, quite intricate in some types. Over time, dirt can build up inside the lock, and this grime can stop the lock from working.

At best, dirt build-up can make the lock difficult to turn, which can lead to a key getting stuck, or even snapping off. 


Lots of jobs around the home can be tackled by yourself, but security may be best left to a professional.

Much like electrical work and serious plumbing issues should be done by trained professionals, locksmiths are also necessary sometimes.

Searching for an expert who is accredited by the Master Locksmith Association, means you will be hiring a reputable tradesperson. This is essential as you are giving them access to your whole home’s security.

These tradespeople can replace your locks after a burglary or when you move home. They can upgrade older locks for high-security modern versions. They can also get you into your home when you lock yourself out, and they can advise on how to improve your overall security.

Locksmiths do a surprising amount of tasks, and there are a few that many people overlook, but shouldn’t!

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