6 Ethical Housewarming Gifts


Everyone loves receiving gifts. While nothing still seems to beat money and gadgets, giving sustainable and eco-friendly items is becoming a hot trend lately as it should be. 

The Earth is getting hotter and hotter as the years go by. And while we don’t have a method out of this dear blue planet yet, we can still do our part to keep it as livable as possible.

That’s why when you’ve got someone new living in your area, what better way to welcome them than by giving them a zero-waste gift?

Finding ethical moving in gifts for your new neighbor isn’t as hard as it sounds. Many household staples now come in more sustainable forms that you and anyone else will surely enjoy. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Let this list be your guide in your search for the perfect housewarming gift that doesn’t warm up our home planet.

1. Kitchen Items

All houses are bound to have a kitchen, big or small. If your new neighbor happens to love cooking, you can give them ethical kitchen items they’ll truly appreciate.

Try giving them a bamboo chopping board. A reversible one is also perfect for those who like multipurpose products. Chop food on one side, then serve on the other. Reusable non-paper towels made of cotton flannel are excellent for cleaning messy kitchens. Why stop there? Pair it with a kitchen towel holder made of sustainable wood materials. 

What’s impressive about these types of items is that once they reach the end of their lifespan, they’re easily compostable.

So, you or your neighbor won’t have to worry about leaving any carbon footprints behind long after you’re gone.

2. Cleaning And Storage Items

A clean home is a happy home. Make your new neighbors happier by giving them ethical cleaning products for their move in. 

Pick reusable dishcloths and scour pads made of sustainable material so they won’t need to keep throwing these away. Find some refillable glass bottles with bamboo or recycled plastic parts for storing any liquid.

Compostable latex household gloves exist too! Get them a pair that’ll last them a long time. Some are backyard compostable as long as they cut the gloves into tiny pieces first.

There’s a multitude of silicone bags available to choose from for storage. Give your neighbors a few bags for them to use. These bags are much better compared to single-use plastics.

They’re sturdier too. But when it’s time to get rid of them, some companies accept used silicone bags, which they turn into other items.

The ethical housewarming gifts they receive may help them find similar products in the future. They might also find ways to make their entire home and garden sustainable.

Good for them, and most importantly, good for the Earth.

3. Eco-Friendly Gift Sets

Many businesses nowadays are chugging along the sustainability train, so stumbling upon one or two isn’t too far-fetched. When looking for ethical housewarming gifts, think about what new homeowners usually need.

However, not every person or family is comfortable using fully sustainable products. That’s okay.

You can help ease them in with a small gift set that offers items any person is sure to use such as an eco-friendly gift set which helps start people on a more sustainable lifestyle journey. Look for ones that include natural soap or bamboo cutlery.

Sets are great to give, especially if it’s your first time giving anyone an ethical moving-in gift.

When in doubt, go for toiletries. Many sustainable bathroom products exist in the market at various price points.

Why not give your new neighbor some eco-friendly soap or bath bombs? They can relax in their bathtub with these after a long tiring day of moving in. They might think you have some good taste in bath products, too.

4. Home Accessories

Whether or not your new neighbor’s home is already full of knick-knacks, it’s sweet if you give them a trinket that’ll make them remember you. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, but one that’ll create a significant impact in their new home.

Anyone’s safest option for an ethical housewarming gift is a scented candle or two. Choose ones made of soy and have scents that most people enjoy, like vanilla and lavender.

A beeswax candle is an acceptable option, too, as it has a mild honey scent and the candle also helps neutralize any allergens at home. 

Upcycled containers like vases and jars will always find a place in any home. Help them cut down on plastic usage by giving them colorful reusable shopping bags made of recycled nylon. These bags come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns.

And if you’re planning to provide them with more than one gift, you can also use the bag to hold the other gift instead of using wrapping paper.

5. Beauty Products And Toiletries

Most people enjoy receiving beauty and bath products as gifts since these items tend to be expensive. Start your neighbors off in their eco-friendly journey by gifting them some things they can use every day. 

Get them a pack of compostable toothbrushes if a whole family is moving in. Toothbrushes need to be disposed of after three months. If every person on the planet buys a new toothbrush every three months, then that’s a lot of toothbrushes stuck in dumpsites around the world. 

Ladies will appreciate some reusable organic bamboo cotton pads to remove makeup. Why not give them some reusable toilet paper, too, while you’re at it?

One-time-use cotton balls and tissue makes up so much trash that it’s unbelievable. Do your little part in reducing unnecessary waste by giving ethical gifts instead. 

6. Eco-Friendly Food

Who doesn’t love food, especially if given for free? Food is also one of the easiest things to give a new neighbor as a housewarming gift.

Welcome them to their new neighborhood by offering them food in reusable containers. 

Packs of organic fruit sourced from sustainable farms are perfect. If you can’t avoid single-use packages, opt for easily compostable products after all the food inside has been eaten.

Also, support your local organic farms and small businesses by buying the food they sell and gifting these to your neighbors. 

Every big thing always starts small. You and everyone else in your neighborhood might end up eventually remodeling your houses into sustainable homes one day.

A Small Act With A Big Impact

Gift-giving is an act that brings one person to another. It lets the receiver know that you care for them and appreciate their existence.

Ethical gifts shouldn’t just be a fad to be forgotten. Extend that care not only to people but to planet Earth, too. This floating rock in space is our home, after all.

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