How to Avoid the Worst Aspects of Moving Homes


You might have thought that the pandemic would slow down the continuous stream of house buyers and renters moving.

However, according to the NAR, there were nearly 9 million people moving home in 2020. This was actually a rise in the total of house movers from 2019.

Moving homes can be a very exciting time, especially if it is a dream move or a first purchase. Plans will be swarming in the minds of the new property owners regarding decorating and putting their own stamp on the new place.

However, moving is also a very stressful time. It is a costly process, and it can lead to rows between couples moving home.

Several things need to be done when moving, and finding the time to make sure everything is carried out properly can cause a great deal of stress.

Here is how to avoid some of the worst aspects of moving home, or at least to help them go more smoothly:

What Are the Problems With Moving Home?

One of the biggest problems with moving is simply finding time to do everything that needs to be done. And also not to forget to carry out any of the 1,001 tasks associated with moving.

When you are moving you will need to do all of the following, and perhaps more:

 Remember to cancel subscriptions

  • Change address with utility suppliers and cancel services
  • Forward your mail
  • Inform literally everyone of your new address and phone number
  • Get the new place ready to move straight into
  • Declutter
  • Box and pack everything up, remembering to label it all
  • Clean your old home
  • Get your deposit back
  • Hire a relocation company
  • Remember which box you put the kettle in

There are some good tips for preparing your new home before you move in.

Having the new home prepped and clean is actually a really good way of removing some of the stress of the move. It means there is no panic at the other end, and you will feel more comfortable straight away.

Remembering to label which box the kettle is in isn’t a joke either. Being able to make a cup of tea or coffee at the other end will make your move much easier, and the removal guys will be happy too.

The main areas that cause stress for many when moving are getting a good removal company, leaving the last place clean, and getting the security deposit back.

With these thoughts to consider, here are some ways to make your day a little easier. 

How to Leave the Property Spotless

A certain amount of wear should be expected on a rental property. Your landlord will expect this, and it shouldn’t cause any real concerns.

However, you should expect to give the place a clean before returning the keys so that the next tenants are able to move in.

This is just as critical if you are selling a property. No one wants to arrive at a new home that has grease on the kitchen tiles, and a grimy line running around the bath.

Set aside some time to clean the home on removal day, or ideally the day before. You can try to rope some friends or a relative in here to make the day stressful, or alternatively, hire some professionals. 

Should You Hire Cleaners or Do It Yourself?

The point of this article is to make your move less stressful. So it is suggested that you use a paid-for end-of-tenancy cleaning firm.

The reason for this is that they understand what needs to be done to appease your landlord, and you will have more time for the other aspects of moving.

Choose a local company by searching online. A quick search for carpet cleaning will find end-of-tenancy firms who will get your carpet spotless and your deposit returned.

Before you get the cleaning sorted through, you will want to hire a removal company. 

How to Choose a Removal Company

A good checklist for choosing a relocation firm would include asking about their insurance, and references. If they ask for a big deposit or fail to carry out a thorough walk-through, then ditch them and look for an alternative.

There are some top tips for finding the right movers when relocating, and if you follow them you will have a much less stressful move.

Carry out the following when looking for a relocation company:

Check reviews and feedback online

  • Check how long they have been operating for, and if they have operated under other names
  • Check their insurance
  • See if they are affiliated with a trade association
  • Check how much they charge for packing services and boxes
  • See what payment options they have
  • Ask them to carry out a survey
  • Get a proper written quote

It is important to understand the differences between packing your own belongings or paying the company to do so. You may feel safer packing your own things, and you will save money.

However, you will not be covered for any damage during the move if you don’t let the company carry out the packing. 

How to Ensure You Get Your Deposit Back

Anyone renting will understand the concern about getting the full security deposit back. Very often this represents a sizable sum to any young couple renting.

Zillow reports that the average security deposit is around $700 in the states but in the UK it can be far more. It isn’t unusual for the security deposit to be one or two months’ rent. This could easily be £1,600.

To ensure that the full deposit is returned, you must leave the property in the same condition that you leased it in.

While a little wear and tear are allowed, as previously mentioned, you still need to leave the home ready to be rented out again.

You will normally be given an inventory when you take the keys to a home. This should be your first port of call when getting ready to give the keys back. Check everything on the inventory is there and in good condition.

Next, clean the place thoroughly. Many landlords will remove a chunk of the deposit to pay for a cleaning firm. It can actually be cheaper for you to pay for cleaners to come in than to let the landlord choose a company.

Make sure there is no damage to windows or other fittings, and that the rent is up to date. If you are not up to date with rental payments then this will affect your deposit straight away. It may also affect you getting a good reference from your landlord. 


Hiring a good removal firm and a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service can eliminate much of the stress of the move.

Having the removal company box up your belongings means that you are covered for damage, and you don’t need to set aside time to do this task yourself.

A cleaning firm that specializes in move-out cleans will normally have some form of guarantee and they will be insured against breakages too. They are often very experienced in helping tenants get their deposits back, and that means that area of the move is covered too.

All you need to do then is to cancel utilities, change your address, and get the new place all ready for the move.

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