Why Homeowners Should Avoid Installing Solar Panels Themselves


After spending a fortune on a brand new solar panel system, it might be tempting to install the panels yourself.

You can save a lot of cash by taking on the challenge yourself, but there are several reasons you should hire an expert, especially if you don’t have any previous experience. 

Millions of people are planning to invest in solar panel systems to provide them with sustainable energy over the next few years. There are several advantages for those who rely on solar energy, such as the amount of cash you can save on utility bills.

These eco-friendly products can help people reduce their carbon footprint. Going green and saving money at the same time can get a lot of homeowners excited, but to avoid problems, a little research before you start splashing the cash on a brand new solar panel system might help. 

DIY installation should be avoided unless you have undergone training in the past. Although it might seem like you have saved money by installing the system yourself, if something goes wrong, you might end up spending a lot more. 

It Can Be Dangerous

Wiring the panels, and then connecting them to the wires in your home can be a dangerous task. The risk of being electrocuted is high, especially if you forget to turn off the power in your home.

Power surges are normal when a person doesn’t connect the solar panels correctly. If you blow the inverter, you could find yourself spending a small fortune replacing it. 

To avoid electrical fires, hire a company that takes safety protocols seriously. They will make sure that you, your family members, and your home is secure during and after the installation process. 

Before hiring a solar installer, consider asking to see their business papers and certificates. Companies that won’t show you this information might be hiding something, so it might be best to go with one of their competitors instead.

Even if you plan to install outdoor solar lights, you should employ a professional who knows what they are doing. 


Only hire a professional solar panel company that has taken out an insurance policy that covers them to work in your home.

If they don’t have insurance and one of their team members falls off the roof or gets electrocuted, you might be forced to cover their medical bills. 

Before solar installers begin working in your home, make sure they have valid insurance. Ask the company to provide you with a copy of their insurance policy. If you have difficulty understanding it, ask your insurance broker to take a look at it.

The best companies will take out a policy that covers them while working in their client’s homes, but not all businesses get insurance. 

Finding the Correct Position for the Panels Can Be Tricky

Some folks think they can install the panels on any part of their roof and it will begin producing energy.

An expert will examine the roof, and they will discover which section of the roof gets the most sun. They will find the best angels that get the most sunlight by using high-tech equipment.

The average homeowner doesn’t have these specialized tools that give them measurements and other readings to determine the best section of the roof to install the panels. 

By taking a wild guess at the best part of the roof to install the system, you might get lucky, but it’s highly unlikely. To save yourself some gray hairs, consider hiring a professional company with the proper tools on hand to take on the job.

A lot of folks who decide to go down the DIY route often find themselves spending a pretty penny on experts to reposition the panels. 

Tax Incentives

Of course cutting the cost of utility bills, and doing your bit for the planet are a few of the benefits that encourage people to invest in solar panels, but governments across the globe often provide tax incentives too.

These incentives motivate a lot of people to install solar panel systems, but if you don’t employ a professional to install the panels, you might not know about the different incentives that you might be entitled to. 

Professional companies will have different incentives that the State and Federal government offer. They should have no problems explaining to you about the incentives available, and how you can go about using them.

People who install solar panels themselves often miss out on these incentives, and other rebates from the solar panel manufacturers. 

Although it might seem like you are saving money by installing the panels yourself, hiring an experienced company that understands the different laws, taxes, and incentives can prove highly beneficial. 

You Might Not Know Whether Your Roof can Support the Panels

Don’t think solar panels are lightweight devices. These devices can be extremely heavy, so your current roof needs to be in excellent condition to support them properly. 

Some folks don’t consider the condition of their roofs before installing the panels. Instead, they dive straight into the installation process, and before they know it, their roof and all the panels have collapsed.

It is extremely dangerous installing panels on a roof that is unable to support the weight of these devices, which is why most people hire a professional service. 

A reputable solar panel installer will examine your roof thoroughly before they begin installing the system. If they notice that your roof needs to be repaired, they might advise you to replace your roof or get it fixed before they install the panels. 

It can cost a lot to dismantle panels and then reinstall them on a new roof at a later date. It’s best to wait until you have replaced the old roof. 

Experts will also examine the material your roof is made of. Some materials will require extra care, and they will also consider ways on how to install the panels without damaging the material. 

A Professional Can Give You Maintenance Advice

Maintaining solar panels that have been installed in your home can prove challenging. People who have been working for several years installing panels will often give their clients lots of helpful tips and tricks to help them take care of the panels. 

Of course, you can look up solar panel videos on streaming platforms like YouTube, but speaking directly to the expert who has installed your panels might be a better option. They will know the region, the different weather conditions, and the amount of sun your panels get. Even if they don’t offer you advice, don’t hesitate to ask them for information. 


If you have decided to hire a professional to install the panels, your next step is to find a company that will take on the job. Don’t assume all solar panel installers provide the same service.

Try to find a reputable solar panel installer who has been involved in the industry for a long time. Consider asking friends or neighbors who have had a solar system installed in their home recently for advice.

There are several online forums and websites that allow customers to upload information about the different services they have used.

Try to find some genuine reviews about the local installers in your area online. 

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