The Importance of Maintaining Your Home


For most people, there is one purchase they will make in their lifetime that will exceed all others, their home. Cars come and go but a residential home could be for life and somewhere safe and comfortable to raise children and take care of the family. 

Maintaining the property is of primary importance and regular maintenance also reduces the cost should something go wrong in the coming months or years ahead.

It is also an essential practice that should be undertaken if the decision is made to sell or rent the property to get the best price. Real estate agents will undertake a thorough inspection, and the property’s value could well be affected if not properly maintained.

Apart from the interior of the home or property, the external part should be of concern and not overlooked also.

After all, it is the first thing people see when visiting or potentially buying the property. Decor Fácil is a Portuguese term that refers to decoration and maintenance of your property and the importance of doing so.

Is it Necessary to Have a Paid Professional to do the Work? 

Many work and jobs around the home can be done by yourself, with so many tools available from the hardware store, and with them often they can be easy to operate and they can be used by most people. 

With a little bit of advice from friends or family, many jobs can be done without the need for a professional to assist in the work adding cost to the project.

There are some jobs and maintenance work that do require a skilled professional to make sure with their experience the work is done correctly. 

Also renting or buying tools when they are possibly only needed once can be more expensive, there is no point in going out and spending a small fortune on equipment when they may never be used again around the home.

Calling in a qualified professional is often advised for jobs around the property and should come with a guarantee if things should go wrong afterward. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Home Annually

For most people maintaining your home is important but the idea of clearing drains of leaves or checking the boiler can seem like a large task, it’s not if done regularly. Whilst it may seem mundane it can also be very rewarding. 

The longer these tasks are left the harder it becomes and then you may need to hire somebody to undertake something that could have been prevented by taking time to do it yourself.

Spring is a great time to start with the maintenance of the home, after the winter cleaning up outside is perfect. Trees may need repair and raking up all the leaves from the garden and driveway, can be a laborious task but rewarding at the same time. 

If left unchecked the problem will only get worse, it is also a perfect Sunday morning task to pass the time and that potentially can involve all the family.

Here are a few other tips regarding the season:

  • Reseeding your lawn: It is important to maintain your garden and the surrounding area of your property, it may not seem too important but the grass will die over the winter period and can have a detrimental effect on the value of the property should you wish to sell.
  • Taking regular inspection of the interior and external features of the property is essential, checking for any damage or potential problems is essential.
  • If you own a pool the chances are that unless covered it will have leaves and other debris in. Cleaning the pool for the summer is so rewarding, it doesn’t require a professional and can be done by yourself.

Some things are best maintained regularly to avoid further damage and a higher cost in the future, outside maintenance can be expensive and is left unchecked and the spring is the perfect time to do this.

Keeping The Interior of Your Home or Property is Very Important 

When you come to selling or renting your home the first thing people take notice of is the condition and if it is not in good condition then the price can dramatically decrease.

Also, even if you have no intention to sell it is still worth maintaining your home for your own self and your family.

The air conditioner units are something that need regular maintenance due to the amount of dust they can accumulate, this can be serious for the health of occupants of the home or property.

Regularly checking the plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen for leaks or corrosion can help avoid a future problem that could have been easily solved early on.

Electrical issues are best left to somebody with experience due to the danger, it is always best to ask a professional to take a look at electrical problems, also the home insurance could invalid if you do it yourself and there is a problem later.

Safety in The Home is Also Often Overlooked

The safety in homes is often neglected and can have serious consequences resulting in injury for both yourself and family and friends.

The smoke alarms should be regularly checked and cleaned at least twice a year to ensure they work properly.

Keeping a clean kitchen will also ensure that dirt and grease do not build up creating a potential fire hazard. 

Also, a fire extinguisher should be available and its location is known to everybody in the household, certainly one in the kitchen and one located in an adult’s bedroom.

An emergency plan should be formed by all the residents of the property should something happen. This may not be directly related to home maintenance but it is something everybody should consider.

You May Not Be The Only Thing Living in Your Home

Everybody has unwelcome guests in their home, for example, rats, ants, and termites, which can do some serious damage to a place of residents. Fortunately regular cleaning and with the help of professionals, it can be easily solved before the problem escalates.

Having trained help to combat the termites can save your home and save thousands of dollars of repair.

Mice can also be a huge problem and a health issue, setting traps and other methods to rid the property is advisable should they be an issue.

Pets can also cause plenty of damage to the home, taking in new cats or dogs it is worth the time to train them properly before they can potentially cause some damage to the home. 

Teaching them early is essential so they can learn and adapt, everybody loves their pets but the damage they can cause is often expensive.

Large dogs can be the worst, even though they are just playing and having fun it is not fun when you have to repair or replace furniture for example.


Keeping a well maintained home is not only a delight to live in but can really affect the value of the home should you wish to sell or lease at a later time.

Many people neglect to do so and regret it later when the work becomes very much a priority.

Constant cleaning and home inspection are essential to avoid potential problems.

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