6 Signs Your Home Needs A Foundation Repair


Most homeowners don’t give their home’s foundation so much thought. Most may be preoccupied with taking care of their dwelling’s interior and exterior without thinking that the foundation should also be inspected and maintained at all times.

Like other parts of your residential property, the foundation plays an integral role in ensuring the integrity of its overall structure.

When it’s damaged, your home may start to slip or twist, causing significant damage to the frame.  

Because of this, it can be a good idea to detect some foundation problems before it’s too late. By knowing what’s the problem, you can make the necessary repairs as early as possible and avoid further damage.  

To know whether your home needs a foundation repair, below are six signs to consider from the get-go: 

1. Cracks In The Foundation 

One of the common indications that your home’s foundation needs to be fixed is visible cracks. You can discover this problem by walking around the outside of your property and taking a hard look at your foundation.

Even when you see some small cracks, these shouldn’t be taken for granted since they can get worse and result in more expensive damage to your structure.

Thus, when you spot visible cracks, be sure to keep an eye on them to ensure immediate repair as soon as possible.

On the other hand, you need to hire some experts if you see the following:  

  • Horizontal cracks
  • With a width of more than 1/8 of an inch
  • Cracks that leak water
  • Cracks that are wide on one side and becomes thinner

2. Uneven Floors

Having uneven floors in your home can be a sign that your foundation needs repair. Typically, your floors will also start to shift when your foundation shifts.

When this happens, you may see some soft spots in your flooring or hear some rattling sounds when walking.

Sometimes, this foundation problem can result from inadequate foundation waterproofing, which causes creeping waters to warp your floors.  

Hence, when you notice uneven floors in your property, make sure to check the foundation and fix it if there’s any damage.  

3. Nails Popping Out Of The Walls 

If you’re starting to see some nails popping out of the walls, it can also be an indicator that your home’s foundation requires repair.

Although it doesn’t seem to be a serious problem, you should know that nails don’t keep on popping out of your walls on their own. This usually happens when the foundation begins to shift around and causes the walls to move.  

Also, even if you can put the nails back into place and patch up the walls, it can’t be a long-term fix if the real cause of the problem is a damaged foundation.

In this case, you need to call some professionals to do a foundation repair.  

4. Sticking Door And Windows  

In most cases, a high level of humidity in your home can cause sticking doors and windows.

But if there’s no humidity in your dwelling but your doors and windows are difficult to open and close, it may be caused by a damaged foundation.

This is because when your property’s foundation moves, the frames of your doors and windows will also bend out of shape.  

To handle this problem more efficiently, calling a foundation repair company can be an excellent option. Professionals can assess the situation and make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.  

5. Separating Walls 

Another sign of a foundation problem is wall separation. When the foundation begins to shift, your floor also shifts, making it uneven or saggy.

Since your floors can no longer remain level, the walls on your house will separate from your roof and other structures.  

Because of this, it can be a good idea to call some professionals who can investigate and check the real problem.

If they find some foundation problems, don’t hesitate to get them fixed right away to avoid further complications.  

6. Musty Smells In Your Basement Space

When the soil underneath your basement starts to shift, it may cause your basement walls to move as well. This situation can result in cracks in the walls, allowing moisture to leak into the basement space.

Too much moisture in the area can cause musty smells due to molds and mildew growing in the basement.

So, to stop the moisture from seeping through your basement, make sure to call a foundation repair company to fix the problem. They know what to do to resolve the problem faster.  

Bottom Line

Your home’s foundation is important in maintaining strong structures. When it’s damaged, it may cost you some costly problems.

Therefore, if you want to stabilize the foundation, keep these signs in mind so you’ll know when you should call a foundation repair expert.

Remember, the earlier you can resolve the issue, the more you can protect your home, yourself, and your family.

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