8 Tips to Move Safely During the Pandemic


Even during the pandemic, there are various reasons why it would be necessary for you to move houses or apartments.

With the pandemic being hard for everyone and moving houses being a cause of stress, it’s no wonder why people find it hard to move during the coronavirus pandemic.

While it’s hard, there are many precautions and ways you can take to make your move as smooth as possible during these difficult times, while also making sure you’re following all coronavirus guidelines and keeping yourself and everyone around you safe.

To help you, here are some ways to move safely during the pandemic:

1. Make Sure the Moving Company Offers Their Services in the Area

With COVID situations being different for every area, health guidelines can quickly change, and what’s allowed before may not be anymore.

So whether you are moving within the United States or making a move to Perth, Australia, it’s important to ensure that your move can be completed.

To make your move smooth, verify if the moving company you plan to hire is allowed to work in your current area and are allowed at the destination.

Furthermore, you also need to ask your landlord if they have specific rules that you need to comply with as you move. To ensure you’re ready, prepare this information at least a week before the move.

Also, to avoid any problems during your journey and after the move, make sure to follow all safety and sanitation protocols and instructions from their health authorities.

2. The Moving Company Needs to Have Its Own COVID-19 Regulations

Aside from following the rules set by local health officials, it’s also important to hire a moving company that has the initiative to employ COVID-19 regulations for the safety of its clients and employees.

Try to find a moving company with a team that works together all the time, so they have less exposure to other employees.

Make sure the employees are always wearing masks and respect health guidelines. To ensure better safety, ask the company of any COVID-19 regulations they have.

Furthermore, since you hired them to work, try to distance yourself from them. It won’t just keep you safe from possible sickness, but it will also let them work comfortably.

3. Consider a Contactless Move

If you don’t like exposure to the moving company, you need to consider a contactless move. With a contactless move, companies don’t require clients to be present during the move.

Basically, all you have to do is unlock the apartment, detail what they should do, and leave. As soon as the movers finish their job, you can return to your home to lock it.

After that, you have to unlock the new house, leave, and come back to see their work.

For a contactless move to be more effective, have a representative from the moving company come to your location to take inventory and get all your instructions.

Also, to make it easier for the movers and to make sure they don’t touch any of your stuff for safety concerns, consider taking care of the packing yourself.

4. Have a Special Bag With a Health and Sanitary Kit for the Move

To be as safe as possible, prepare a bag with a mask, sanitizer, water, alcohol, and other basic necessities to bring during the move. This will help, as you will have everything you need inside the bag.

By having everything you need, you won’t have to stop the drive and go into stores to buy stuff, lessening your exposure to other people who might have the virus.

But, remember, even if you have everything you need, avoid touching your face during the move.

5. Consider Staying Someplace Else for a Few Days

Aside from keeping your distance from the movers and making sure they are also following precautions, one of the things you may consider is finding a place to stay for a few days after the move. It’s to make sure you maintain little contact with the movers as much as possible.

However, if you plan to do this, make sure to leave detailed instructions, as you won’t be there to give them or tell them when they’re making mistakes.

If you can, try to write down clear instructions so they can have a reference.

6. Use Plastic Containers

Why plastic? Because cleaning them is just a matter of using antiseptic wipes or sprays. They are also very easy to stack and organize. 

When using plastic containers, clean them before the movers arrive, and after the move, make sure to clean them again.

7. Protect Yourself and Your Family

If there’s anyone in the family with a higher risk of getting infected with COVID-19, consider not letting them be there during the move.

Instead of working with the movers during the move, you’re better off letting them go to your new place in advance to prepare the house for when the movers arrive.

Of course, get them a place to stay for a few days while the movers set up your new home.

8. Do What You Can

If you can, try to pack your things yourself to keep them from being exposed. Furthermore, it’s important to let the movers do their job; you don’t have to follow them around everywhere, risking you to greater exposure.

Other than that, here are a few things you can do:

  • Proper ventilation
  • Wear masks
  • Have alcohol and sanitisers ready
  • Finish packing before the movers arrive

Aside from doing your part, it’s also important to get a moving company that does its part as well, which is why you need to choose the best removalists in Perth, Australia.

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