Construction Questions: What Are the Top 3 Types of Construction?


Most people don’t differentiate between the different kinds of buildings. They all fall under the large umbrella term: construction. We don’t even notice it unless it requires loud hammering noises or it blocks our route to work. 

There are three main types of construction. This includes building, infrastructure, and industrial construction. 

All types of construction are beneficial to us in our everyday lives. One day you may find yourself having a hand in your construction project such as a custom home building. 

Keep reading to find out the three main types of construction being completed today. 

1. Building Construction 

Building construction is a term that refers to building residential or non-residential buildings.

The construction of residential housing goes beyond what you might think. Of course, this construction type has your average home. It also includes nursing homes, townhouses, apartment buildings, and dorms. 

Almost any building intended for people to live in is considered residential housing. Additionally, construction can involve remodeling and repairing housing as well as installing utilities.

Another type of housing construction is custom home building.

Of all the construction types non-residential may be the one you are most familiar with. Non-residential construction includes the construction of many familiar places. It includes retail stores, malls, hotels, automotive dealerships, and more. 

This type of construction can involve erecting a hotel, or doing repairs on a retail center. These construction projects use heavy equipment, many employees, and many weeks to complete. 

2. Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure construction is the construction and maintenance of public works. This includes roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railways, and more. Engineers are specifically trained to design and build these projects. 

This type of construction can be funded publicly, privately, or a combination of the two. These projects are what keeps water and electricity flowing all over the nation. 

3. Industrial Construction 

Of all the different types of construction, industrial construction is the most involved. It requires highly trained engineers and builders and often special equipment.

Industrial construction includes offshore construction, processing plants, warehouses, factories, power stations, and more. 

The industrial construction sector builds some of the largest projects anywhere. They need a lot of manpower in the form of engineers, managers, architects, and other workers. 

They also need some massive machinery. Large excavators, dump trucks, and cranes are not unusual at these construction sites. If you’re lucky, you might see a T-282, one of the largest dump trucks in use today. 

We need industrial construction so we can have access to the products the buildings make. This includes oil, certain minerals and ores, and electricity. 

Familiar With the Types of Construction? 

All these types of construction serve a specific role all over the world. Without them, we wouldn’t have a lot of the necessities that we have access to every day. 

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