Efficient Tips for Cleaning Your Yard From Leaves Quickly


When it comes to cleaning your yard from leaves, you wonder how to do this fast and get the expected result with less effort. There are various instruments for different types of yards.

Among the most popular ones are leaf rakes, handheld blowers, and backpack blowers. Let’s see which of them provides the quickest way to get rid of unwanted leaves. 

Leaf Rake

At the time when leaf blowers didn’t exist, the only way to clean your yard was with the leaf rake.

Even now, when there are many electrical machines, rakes remain useful and don’t lose their popularity.

First of all, they are quite cheap, and they hardly need maintenance. Leaf rakes are the most accessible instrument to use because it lets you simply gather the leaves. 

Leaf rakes are perfect for small yards, and can also be used for medium ones. But it will take too much time to clean leaves if you have a large garden.

And you will apply more effort compared to blowers. So, leaf rakes have a lot of pros, but if you search for a fast method to clean a yard, let’s look at other options. 

Handheld Blower

The next instrument is a handheld blower, which is probably the most widespread electrical tool for getting rid of leaves. You can choose between corded-electric and cordless variants. The first one is usually more powerful but at the same time more efficient. 

Cordless blowers work on gas in most cases. They allow you to go long distances and clean a large yard. However, models with more powerful engines consume more fuel; that’s why they work for less time, and you may need to recharge them frequently.

Of course, handheld blowers require more maintenance than leaf rakes. But they work faster. The only con is that you should carry the case with the engine in your hands. And the powerful engine is usually heavy, so you can get hand fatigue if you clean the yard for a long time. 

Backpack cordless leaf blower will probably be the best choice if you want to work quickly and with little effort. All the engine mechanisms are located in the backpack, which means no more hand fatigue.

Considering that a backpack can be large enough, manufacturers usually put a more powerful engine inside than that of a handheld blower and add a battery that works for a longer time.

Overall, backpack blowers have a lot of advantages, and here you will find a guide on how to choose one. 

How to Choose Backpack Leaf Blower 

When you’re purchasing a machine that should serve you for several years, it’s essential to consider all features details. However, for different ‘leaves in yard’ cases, you may need absolutely different tools.

So, here you will find the description of leaf blower functions, how they differ, and what features the best backpack blower has:

Weight and Dimensions 

It’s more comfortable to work with a backpack that weighs little because you can carry it for a longer time.

However, you should consider that usually, lightweight models have not so powerful motors, although that depends on the manufacturer. The 20-25 pounds weight is a medium one; it will fit most people. The one with 30 pounds weight may be too heavy, especially if you have a large yard. 

The dimensions don’t play a big role, actually. Only when you start thinking about where to store a tool, consider how large it is.

If you don’t mind a leaf blower weighing a lot and taking a lot of space, you don’t need to look at these features because they don’t influence the work of the machine.

Power Source 

Most leaf blowers are gas-powered. It’s a pro because they are cordless and can have a powerful engine. If you search for a more efficient option, you can choose a battery-powered tool.

It consumes less energy but is usually not so effective as gas-powered ones. Also, a gas-powered leaf blower will serve you for a long time with the right maintenance. 


There are many motors with different technical characteristics, so there can be several suitable variants for you. It’s better to choose a 2-stroke engine which is the most widespread.

Besides, you will choose among the different speeds and airflow capacity features. The medium-speed characteristic is about 150-200 miles per hour. It will be enough for both small and large yards. 

If you want to do the work quicker, you can choose the model with higher speed. However, the one with more than 200 miles per hour can be difficult to use.

The airflow capacity defines how much air comes out of the blower per minute. The 500 cubic feet or more will be the most suitable option 


A lot of models have a velocity control switch, and this is a great feature. Sometimes, you need to push harder if there are a lot of leaves or sticks. But most of the time, you don’t need such a large speed.

Choose the blowers with comfortable handles. If you don’t know which one is really convenient, you can go to the local store and try different types. Then you will be able to choose if you purchase online. 

Get Rid of Leaves With a Backpack Blower 

Don’t make fast decisions when you’re searching for a high-quality leaf blower. Compare different models, watch videos, and look at their features.

You can use this guide to check all the needed characteristics like engine, power source, weight, controls.

Remember that one model can be suitable for a small backyard, and another can be ideal for a large one but not the other way around.

So you should also consider your yard size. If you include all these features into your checklist, you will be able to choose a backpack blower fast and easy. 

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