6 Ways Roof Lanterns Can Benefit Your Home 


When it comes to improving the look of your home, roof lanterns are said to be among the most popular and effective methods out there.

It can give a new flare to the drab appearance of the home. Additionally, it’s regarded to be helpful in improving your house’s safety.

A roof lantern is an architectural element present in a building or structure’s roof that allows outdoor light to enter inside. It often consisted of sturdy glass raised panels placed on a roof which adds interest and provides a pitched appearance from the outside.

With the increasing demand for these roof lanterns in many homes today, manufacturers or suppliers have come up with the best lantern for your home and designs that can suit the taste and preferences of different homeowners.

However, it’d help if you plan first before choosing the right product for your home.

Initial planning includes looking into the possible benefits of having a roof lantern installed in your home. Discover some of them by referring to the list below:

1. Roof Lanterns Increases The Quantity Of Natural Light

Roof lanterns are said to be designed to catch sunlight and distribute it in your home.

The natural outdoor lighting it’s able to catch is purported to have a plethora of health benefits not only for you but to the other members of the household too.

According to studies, everyday exposure to sunlight helps maintain your circadian rhythm or the body’s internal clock system, regulates hormone levels that control physiological processes, reduces high blood pressure, and promotes the absorption of vitamin D—all of which are beneficial for your body’s immune system.

2. Roof Lanterns Can Save Energy

If you want your house to become more energy-efficient, a roof lantern is said to be one of the solutions you can tap into.

Using this product has two advantages: it helps the environment and a cost-effective method of living by helping you save money on your utility costs. Energy efficiency is said to be the right direction in fighting the global climate problem.

When selecting a lantern, look for one that’s visually appealing and provides a wide range of glass choices, such as thermal insulation and sun guard solar coating, which assists in conserving energy all year long.

3. Roof Lanterns Can Give You An Extended View Of The Outdoors

Roof lanterns could be your closest buddy whether you want to soak up in the sun or look skyward and connect with Mother Nature. You can unwind and see the changing sky color or the rolling of rain from the comfort of your own home.

Yes, you may enjoy nature’s bounty offerings while staying comfortable in your own home by peeking in your home’s installed roof lantern.

Whether you’re spending an evening with family or throwing an expensive dinner party with friends at work, the sky view is certain to amaze everyone fortunate enough to witness it through a sky lantern.

4. Roof Lanterns Can Increases The Perceived Property Value Of Your Home

The fact that roof lanterns are very inexpensive and simple to install makes them popular among many homeowners.

Those who are planning to resell their properties, however, should be aware of how roof lanterns’ traditional and elegant designs may substantially increase the value of their homes.

Its innovative window designs will enhance your new construction or renovation. As they let in more light indoors, they may help create an illusion of a more breathable and spacious area.

Offering rooms that seem bigger, brighter, and more spacious is said to boost the property’s desirability which can be used as a great selling point and leverage in future real estate dealings.

5. Installation Of Roof Lanterns Doesn’t Require Planning Permission

Generally, installing roof lanterns doesn’t need approval from a community planning committee or board. This means you may avoid the hassle of lengthy bureaucratic applications.

But for your home improvement project to proceed smoothly and not face possible problems with building authorities, it must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Any modification should be minimal and not be extended beyond the current roof plane;
  • There’ll be no changes for it to be higher than the tallest point on the roof;
  • Obscure-glazed side-facing windows; and,
  • Any openings should be situated no more than two meters above the level.

The right roof lantern and installers can make a huge difference. To ensure compliance with your local area’s building code standards, you must contact a structural expert to determine the proper proportions for the roof lanterns.

6. Roof Lanterns Provide Good Ventilation

Many roof lanterns are non-opening. However, for ventilation purposes, some manufacturers offer roof lanterns with one or two operable panels that are helpful. Electrically powered vents are available too.

Take note that ventilation is particularly beneficial when the roof lantern covers a kitchen area that may quickly get heated or when the roof lantern is located in a south-facing area of the house that receives a lot of sunshine.


If you’re looking to enhance your home’s current ambiance, then installing roof lanterns can be a great idea you may consider. They’re projected to create a dramatic difference when installed on top of your house’s roofing.

With the right design and placement, you can experience that cozy and welcoming feel with the added help of roof lanterns.


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