6 Reasons Your Home Needs Engineered Timber Flooring


Choosing the ideal flooring surface can be overwhelming because you need to consider different factors and assess the various types of hard surfaces available. Also, there are many options to pick from, depending on the style of your home.

One of the choices you might be thinking of is the engineered timber flooring, a type of flooring built from layers of plywood and hardwood.

This article will discuss the benefits of having it in your household:

Why Engineered Timber Flooring?

What makes timber-engineered floating flooring the ideal choice? You must be asking as you try to find out whether to go for it or find another option.

If you’re going through such confusion, here’s an overview of the reasons why choosing the engineered timber flooring is the right decision:

1. Easy and Quick Installation

Renovating your home often ends up taking a lot longer than you might have anticipated. Therefore, you’ll have to deal with the constant presence of workers in your house and move with caution to avoid destroying anything.

For this reason, you should consider engineered timber flooring as it can be installed quickly.

This convenient process is possible since the flooring boards are pre-designed to fit into each other. You also don’t need to glue or nail it on the floor and it can also be placed above an existing flooring.

So if you’re looking for flooring while considering the convenience of putting it, engineered timber flooring is for you.

2. Versatile

When picking flooring, you want to have one that’s allowing you some flexibility when designing your home in terms of color and design.

For example, urban, rustic, industrial, and other modern designs are some of the things compatible with engineered flooring renovation.

This flooring enables you to achieve versatility as you find different styles and finishes of wood. It becomes simpler for you to choose what exactly to put in your home.

Also, you’re able to ensure your house has a unique and elegant look. This will help increase your home’s value, unlike a property with laminate or carpet flooring.

Should you consider selling your house in the future, having an engineered timber flooring would upscale its price.

3. Cheaper To Use

Home renovations are typically costly, especially if you opt for solid hardwood flooring. And as a homeowner, the possibility of saving a penny is one you’d welcome as you set your budget.

Choosing engineered timber flooring allows you to optimize your financial resources because this flooring is cheaper since it uses fewer exotic woods.

Engineered timber flooring also saves you money as it takes a lot shorter to be installed. If you’re a DIY enthusiast with the knowledge of putting floorings, you can try the process yourself instead of paying a professional contractor.

4. More Installation Options

One downside for some floorings is they can’t be installed in all areas of your home, including basements and areas with radiant heating systems.

Due to this, many homeowners switch to engineered timber since they’ll have peace of mind knowing there won’t be any damages to the floor.

The various installation options for this flooring are possible due to its durable nature. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about temperature or humidity changes because this flooring can expand and contract as it consists of numerous layers of pine and spruce.

Because of this, you’d be sure your flooring will last for a long time.

5. Hygienic

The engineered timber flooring is the perfect pick for hygienic purposes because dust doesn’t quickly accumulate on its surface, unlike carpets.

And if other dirt still finds its way to the floor, you won’t be stressed cleaning it since a simple wipe using a moist cloth is enough.

Therefore, you don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning the floor, and this is excellent news as a homeowner.

You have more time for yourself to relax and you’d have peace of mind knowing your children aren’t exposed to bacteria, dirt, or allergies.

6. Can Be Refurbished

When you install engineered timber flooring and you want to modify it in the long run, you’d have the leeway to redesign it through sanding, grading, and refinishing.

You can easily personalize your flooring based on your style and preference. Through this, you could try some interior design trends without worrying about major renovations.


If you have some reservations about engineered timber flooring, discussed in this guide are the benefits you’ll enjoy when you avail of this.

Consider and assess the merits of having this in your home.

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