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Tank Gas Water Heater Maintenance 2 | TPRV, Tank Drainage, Flue-Way

Second part of the tank gas water heater maintenance explains:
TPR valve maintenance, water heater tank drainage, and internal flu-way maintenance / venting.

GFCI Maintenance | Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Testing

GFCI Maintenance | Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Testing

GFCI maintenance is a very simple and extremely important procedure. Just like many other house maintenance tasks, maintaining functional and properly operating GFCI outlet receptacles will ensure that you and your family are protected from a ground fault.

Ground Fault – it’s when the electricity, instead of following its normal path – electrical wire – passes through a person’s body to the ground. That person becomes a conductor (wire) and you may know this condition as an electrical shock.

* Never paint GFCI outlet receptacle! If you’ve just moved into the house and installed GFCI’s are covered with paint – replace them immediately. Removing paint from their surface is not enough, even if Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter appears to be responding to the test buttons.

* Never insert into an outlet receptacle objects other than a plug designed for its configuration.

* Avoid spilling liquids onto the device – it could result in permanent damage or malfunctioning.

Testing is the most important part of the GFCI maintenance routine and it should be performed on monthly basis. The reason is very simple – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet receptacles are just like any other electronic devices – sometimes they fail.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance, Cleaning, and Battery Replacement

Smoke Alarm Maintenance, Cleaning, and Battery Replacement

Smoke alarm maintenance (and smoke detector) is a very simple task and should be performed in addition to weekly testing and yearly battery replacement (some manufacturers might suggest to replace the battery twice a year) – put it on your house maintenance priority list!

* Before you start any smoke alarm maintenance, check its age – if the alarm is more than 10 years old, replace it immediately because its sensor response could be delayed, or it might not even respond at all.
Periodical smoke alarm maintenance involves cleaning dust, dirt, and any debris that might have accumulated in small openings and screens covering its sensors.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Maintenance | CO Alarm Testing

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Maintenance | CO Alarm Testing

Carbon monoxide alarm maintenance doesn’t require any special skills from you. However, just like the smoke alarm maintenance it is something that should become a routine for you. Those few minutes dedicated to CO alarm maintenance and testing might be a difference between life and death.

Between 1999 and 2004, Carbon Monoxide poisoning contributed to 16,447 deaths in the United States… just a few minutes of your time.

House Safety Maintenance Checklist – Do It Now

All of the house safety maintenance checklist items listed below are extremely important for household members, especially for children. While performing home inspections I’ve noticed that many home owners, parents of small children, are simply not aware about the critical safety issues in their homes. They don’t realize that sometimes things need to be updated / replaced to perform as required, and to provide protection.

Anytime House Maintenance | Small, Preventive Repairs Always Help

Anytime house maintenance explains a few of the house components that do not necessarily depend on seasonal preventive repairs. Of course, based on your observation of those components, and their quality, you can implement some kind of a schedule that will help in monitoring and servicing.
1. Change or clean your forced air heating / AC system filter every 1-4 months based on type and usage.
2. Replace caulking / silicon around your tub, shower stall and sink whenever it starts separating from surfaces.
3. Inspect your bathroom tiled walls for cracks and missing grout – fill the gaps as soon as possible to prevent water penetration and tile backing wall damage.
4. Periodically check the main water shutoff valve and individual plumbing fixtures valves – might leak if left untouched for several years, might not operate at all and start leaking if you force them to turn. If it turns freely, open it all the way, and then back up a little – this helps to prevent the valve from being stack.

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