GFCI Outlet Safety Issue | GFCI Receptacle With no Smart Lock

GFCI outlet safety / GFCI without Smart Lock

I’ve been running into this particular GFCI outlet safety issue quite often lately, and since it can easily stay undetected creating serious safety hazard, I’ll explain it for you.
This GFCI outlet safety problem applies to older receptacles, manufactured before 2003 – the year when “Smart Lock” type GFCI receptacle has been introduced by Leviton. GFCI receptacles equipped with the “Smart Lock” feature include a small padlock sign on the face of the device.
So, if you have any GFCI outlet receptacles without the “Smart Lock” logo, make sure that you test them properly / […]

GFCI Types, GFCI Testing and Hazardous Installations

GFCI types and GFCI testing

There are basically three GFCI types available on the market and GFCI testing should be routinely performed on all of them for at least one reason – they contain mechanical parts which can and do fail :

GFCI receptacles
GFCI portable devices
GFCI breakers

Each one of them provides the same type of service / protection – it saves lives by limiting duration of an electrical shock.
GFCI receptacle is the most popular device and it has been in service since early 1970′s. It looks almost like a regular electrical outlet, with two small buttons located usually in the center. The buttons are […]

Kitchen GFCI Receptacle and Other Electrical Requirements

Kitchen GFCI receptacle

Kitchen GFCI receptacles are required by the 2008 NEC (National Electrical Code) to be installed along the countertop surfaces.

GFCI – (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)

Actually, this requirement has been in place since 1996 NEC, and an important thing to remember:
If you have an older kitchen, and for any reason decided to replace a regular electrical outlet – you should have a GFCI receptacle installed as a replacement.
Kitchen Electrical Requirements

Kitchen electrical outlets installed above the countertops  require at least 2 small appliance branch circuits.

Kitchen electrical circuits serving countertop outlets must be rated for 20 ampers (#12 wire)

Kitchen GFCI receptacles installed […]

Unfinished Basement GFCI Receptacles

Unfinished Basement GFCI Receptacles

Unfinished Basement GFCI Receptacles
Unfinished basement GFCI receptacles installation or GFCI protection for a regular type outlet receptacles installed in an unfinished basement is required by the 2008 NEC (National Electrical Code).
GFCI – (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
Unfinished basement it’s an area or portion of the basement area that is not intended to be used as a habitable room.
Habitable room it’s a space arranged for living, eating or sleeping purposes (must conform to local building codes to be listed as such), but does not include bathroom / toilet rooms, laundries, pantries, foyers or hallways.
If you have a sump pump installed in an unfinished […]

Garage GFCI Receptacles and GFCI in Accessory Buildings

Garage GFCI Receptacles and GFCI in Accessory Buildings

Garage GFCI receptacles / accessory building GFCI
Exceptions for the garage GFCI receptacles and GFCI’s in accessory buildings have been removed by the 2008 NEC (National Electrical Code). The new rules apply to the structures that have a floor located at or below grade level, are not intended for use as habitable rooms and limited to storage areas, work areas, and areas of similar use.
GFCI – (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
Always remember about GFCI maintenance and testing – those devices are worthless piece of equipment, unless they  are operating properly!
Accessory building GFCI
There’s no more GFCI unprotected receptacles permitted in accessory buildings. If […]

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