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Question by Heidi

We built our home 3 years ago. we installed a regular wood burning fireplace witha metal box. i want to put in a wood buring insert to incorporate fans & heat the house better. they say i need to install chimney liner. is this something i can do with the triple wall i already have? or is it in addition too? or something all together separate?

somebody please explain this to me.

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Dariusz Rudnicki Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Heidi, I’m assuming that your current fireplace is using masonry chimney for venting. Also, I’m surprised that it doesn’t have a liner (since you were told to have one installed) already since this house is only 3 years old and unlined chimneys are not permitted.
Is the triple wall vent pipe something that you just have and asking if you can use it to line the masonry chimney?
Or maybe you have a fireplace using this triple wall vent pipe… but why would anyone ask you to put a liner inside the chimney?
Could you please describe you current installation: chimney type (metal / masonry), fireplace (free standing with triple wall pipe between it and the masonry chimney / built into wall), diameter of the current fireplace vent opening, chimney diameter, and the new insert vent / collar diameter.

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