Leaking furnace flue

Question by HeatherJ

Hello, I am buying a house that is 8 years old and during the inspection the it was found that the furnace flue vent needs to be replaced from the attic up. It is leaking and I am wondering if this is dangerous or if it is fixed if it is not a big deal? Curious as to whether or not the house is worth it or to move on?

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Dariusz Rudnicki Staff answered 1 year ago

I’m not sure exactly what do you mean by “leaking” – is the chimney flue section separated in attic area, corroded, leaking at roof penetration? Whatever it is, chimney flue is repairable. Is the house worth buying? – I wouldn’t judge it based on the chimney condition, just add the repair cost to the total of this transaction and if this is the only problem with the property, you should ask your inspector for help with a final decision. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it…

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