Home Maintenance Questions and AnswersCategory: House ChimneyDID the HEATING GUY AND CHIMNEY GUY LIED to ME?
Question by Leena

We had a strange situation yesterday it cost me money and whole day trying to figure out the problem.
OUR Heating system was not working so we called the technician to start that, as soon as he arrived he said we should do yearly maintainance otherwise it will happen again, so he went down to fix the problem but instead shut of the Furnace and the water heater untill we get the FLU inspected from Chimney Sweep experts, after saying Carbon Monoxide is not venting out but backing up in the basement and around the water heaters?
He mentioned that the two gas water heaters are also part of the problem.
SO he said we should immediately call the chimney services to come and look at it.
That Chimney guy came and said we need to replace the liner a total of 1200$, then he went on the roof and came back and said that the way the gas was coming out was unusual so all we need to do is put a cover on the chimney, which had a missing cap, and the problem is solved, so he started our furnace and water heater and said he will replace the cap on top of chimney for $150 and the problem is solved.

So my question is DID the HEATING GUY AND CHIMNEY GUY make money out of the situation and their was no problem at all with anything,also I can get the cap installed for much cheaper so do I need the Chimney professional only to do it for me ?

Any thoughts or advise is totally appreciated as I am totally confused.
Thank You

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Dariusz Rudnicki Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Leena,
It’s difficult for me to give you any advice because I don’t know what are their (contractors) suggestions based on. I don’t know what kind of a problem there is with both water heaters (if any), was there really (did he measure it) any elevated level of CO in that area (maybe because of a downdraft and a new cap will fix that) / do you have CO detectors in the basement, why was the heating system not working – did he explain the problem?
The cap would be the least expensive solution and even if you need a new liner you can still re-use the same cap. Just to make sure that it’s taking care of a downdraft issue I would suggest something like that: http://www.luxurymetals.com/chimneycaps.html (opt for one with a screen). Also make sure that you have an up-to date and functional Carbon Monoxide detector installed in that area but not closer than 5′ from fuel burning appliances / burning chambers.
Let me know if you can find out some more details about their findings.

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