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kitchen island sink problem, air admitance valve

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I bought our home last year, our Island sink with Garbage Disposal smells every once in a while. I have cleaned the Disposal on help What can I do, I have an Island sink with no vent to the roof only some type of a fitting under the sink that they installed to replace the vent. What is it and how can I clean or check itor replace it?
asked in Plumbing by rwheth (120 points)
edited by darekrudy
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1 Answer

0 votes
That fitting you’re referring to in your question is most likely an Air Admittance Valve (AAV). This type of venting is rarely approved by plumbing inspectors, it is however the easiest method to vent a kitchen island sink. Since air admittance valve is a mechanical device it sometimes fails and starts releasing sewer gases under the sink.  

You can replace it with a new one and see if it helps, this should be a matter of unscrewing it from the pipe. The most popular brands are Oatey and Studor, they are more expensive but maybe they’ll give you better performance…

There are other, more conventional ways to vent a kitchen island sink as well, but you would probably need a plumber to look into it.
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answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)