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Why there's no refrigerant line insulation inside the AC condensing unit?

0 votes
Chris Routh says:
July 25, 2011 at 6:10 pm

I’ve replaced some of my insulation outside where the lines are exposed from the house to the AC unit. I noticed that the line continues into the AC unit, and has no insulation inside the unit. Why is this?

It doesn’t make any sense, because that line is exposed to the 107 degrees outside air, and the direct sun, just like it is between the house and the AC unit. Is this correct, or do I need to take shut off the AC and take off the fan, then cover that same line inside the unit? Thanks, Chris
asked in Cooling System by darekrudy (21,730 points)
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1 Answer

0 votes
Hi Chris,

This is normal. I believe that the manufacturers are cautious about putting any insulation inside the compartment because of the blower. Deteriorating pieces of the foam (or any insulating material) could be sucked into the blower, cause its damage, or / and clog the fins or protective screen.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)