Water Heater Gas Connector

Illinois remained very conservative, as far as water heater gas connector type (or any other permanently installed appliance gas connection), which used to be black steel pipe only.

However, according to Peoples Gas / Nicor website “Updated Construction Guide” (just fill-up the pup-up from and you’ll be able to open it) the use of CSST – corrugated stainless steel tubing, as a final gas connection for permanently installed appliances, such as water heaters, furnaces and boilers is now permitted.

If you are planning to use CSST tubing as a water heater gas connector, make sure that you consult this installation with your local code enforcement division, and if approved, have a certified contractor perform this work. Because water heater CSST type connector installation is still rare in our state, I’ll explain a couple of most common violations associated with water heater gas connector installation.

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Flexible water heater gas connector

Water heater gas connector - flexible applinace type connectors are not permitted in IllinoisAppliance type flexible water heater gas connector is not a permitted type of installation in Illinois. Often, when replacing water heater, its dimensions are slightly different from the previous one, and old gas piping has to be altered, so it matches new connections.

The easiest way is to eliminate old steel pipe used as water heater gas connector and install an appliance type flexible connector. Unfortunately, if you’ll have a gas company employee visiting your house, and he’ll notice this installation, you might get a violation ticket and have a gas turned off until proper connection is established.

Water heater gas connector requires a drip leg Drip leg missing on water heater gas connectorDrip leg / sediment trap is a required component of the water heater gas connector. Its a short piece of a pipe with a cap on the bottom visible on first image to the left (attached to the bottom of a ‘”T” connector).

Water heater gas connector / supply line drip leg is intended to capture any condensed water that may have been transported with gas, and shall be installed as close to the inlet of the water heater as practical (not required on illuminating appliances, ranges, clothes dryers, gas fireplaces and outdoor grills).

Some states might not require drip leg installation on a water heater gas connector so check with your local building department.